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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Usana Nutrimeal and Blender Bottle

Just now... (^_^) I finally tasted The Nutrimeal French Vanilla from Usana.
Also, bought the Usana Blender Bottle with Pill Container. A manual blender shaker with pill container.
Nutrimeal is a protein drink that can be use as - to gain weight or - loose weight.

For gain weight, it must be taken AFTER meals.

To loose weight, it should be taken as is. Only Nutrimeal with Essentials and Proflavanol C100 - On breakfast and dinner.

I took it after dinner just now, because I'm trying to gain weight.
As in! nabusog talaga ako super! Mabigat siya sa tyan. (^_^)
So delicious like - drinking an Ice cream shake.
Feeling ko I can survive with this protein drink ONLY without any meals as breakfast or dinner.
But I'm not losing weight so I need to take nutrimeal after meals. (^_^)

Let us know if you are interested:
09336704077 (Sun)
09182986114 (Smart)
09172541106 (Globe / Viber / Whattsup)...

~ Aice (^_^)

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