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Sunday, June 19, 2016

What is the Letter A, B in Usana 1, 2, 3, 4 Rolling Callendar AO?

The mentioned cycles (with letter right after the number) is referred as an ALTERNATING AO cycle. It has been called as an alternating AO because you will have to set two cycles with the same number and with an “A” and “B” after the cycle number.

Each alternating cycle (ex 1A,2A,3A and 4A or 1B,2B,3B and 4B) is automatically generated by our system within 8weeks cycle that is the reason why you need to have 2 alternating cycle for your to have an AO after 4weeks and maintain your BC active.

Alternating AO works as below.

Example: You are on CYCLE 2 and you need to have 2 sets of orders or you wish to have 2 set of AO that is placed after each month.

CYCLE 2A with processing date June 19, 2016
Orders: 3 Pairs of Essentials

CYCLE 2B with processing date July 17, 2016
Orders: 2Pairs of Essentials
1 CoQuinone

After the above processing date each set of AO’s will continuously be placed by Auto Order system based on the released date reflected on the rolling calendar.

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