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Success Stories

For more than 20 years, USANA has been a leader in the health and wellness industry. In fact, more than nine million people have been touched by USANA's products and business opportunity, and USANA has paid its Associates over TWO AND A HALF BILLION DOLLARS in commissions to help make their business dreams come true.

Tracy Wenkman

Florida, USA

Since joining USANA in July 2011, Tracy Wenkman has defined herself as one of the company's finest leaders. Not only did she earn the prestigious "Rookie of the Year" award in 2012, Tracy has rank advanced multiple times, been a repeat member of USANA's North America Growth 25, has served on USANA's Independent Distributor Council, and is consistently one of USANA's Top Preferred Customer Enrollers.

Tracy admits before USANA she was never one to speak in front of big crowds, but she now loves the challenge and opportunity to share her knowledge and experience with everyone she meets, one on one or with thousands.

Experiencing all of this success only a few short years after starting a USANA business has been so rewarding for Tracy, and it proves that hard work leads to positive results. "Even though it takes serious time and dedication, I'm so thankful to have this as my job," she says. "I wouldn't trade helping people experience success in both their businesses and their lives for anything in the world."

Dr. Paige and Daniel Hunter

Texas, USA

Dr. Paige and Daniel Hunter have fully embraced the opportunities available to them through their USANA business. They set out with three goals: live a life free of debt, create better health, and help others do the same. The Hunters have attained their definition of success and with each new day realize they are able to help even more people through USANA.

Faith has played an important role in Daniel and Paige's journey and has allowed them to accomplish things they never imagined possible before. "We have learned with USANA that faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see," they say. "That faith has taken us to our dreams and is now creating new ones."

Because of their USANA business, they now have time to spend enjoying their tranquil 28-acre Texas ranch and are able to be a part of many charitable organizations. "Having a profitable USANA business allows us to make a real difference in the world," Daniel says. "Have faith in your own abilities, but more importantly, have faith in a vision larger than yourself."

Marcela González & Luis Vizcaíno

Jalisco, México

Marcela González and Luis Vizcaíno were looking for an opportunity that would help them live comfortably. When they found USANA in 2004, they realized it was so much more than what they had hoped for.

Inspired by the vision of USANA's founder, these leaders from Mexico are truly committed to helping others understand the USANA mission. They are members of USANA's Million Dollar Club, served on USANA's Independent Distributor Council, have been members of USANA's North America Growth 25, and were awarded the coveted Dr. Wentz Vision Award in 2013.

Achieving success with USANA doesn't come easy, they say, explaining that the business takes work. But if you devote sufficient time and focus on working together, you will see results. "Success is hard to find when USANA business owners work on their own," the couple says. "Each owner must understand that success with USANA is possible only with positive and creative teamwork and mutual support."

Ivy Chan

California, USA

Ivy Chan strategizes and plans her USANA business while swimming. "My mind is clear and free to dream under water. USANA gives me time freedom, and I treasure it by sharing USANA with others," she says.

Ivy founded True Potential International because she believes that if people can realize their potential, they can go beyond themselves. "This is my passion and mission," she says. And she runs her USANA business on a simple adage: "You don't find leaders, you attract leaders."

As a former Fortune 500 finance manager, Ivy was accustomed to long weeks trading hours for dollars. Today, she feels her hard work and dedication are aptly rewarded based on her performance. She also gives credit to the entire USANA family for her success, especially her team, coaches, and crossline supporters.

Eduardo Barreto

Distrito Federal, México

Eduardo Barreto has found great success in USANA, and he has many company accolades-including becoming a member of USANA's North America Growth 25-to his name. But to him, that's not what being a USANA business owner means-it is who he is, and he is honored to have his name associated with a company of value and integrity.

Everything from his health to his social network and lifestyle have been impacted in some way thanks to USANA. "I have spent nine years conveying the message of health and freedom to others, and I am just as passionate about it now as I was in the beginning," he says.

As Eduardo pauses to reflect on his experience with USANA, he is overcome with gratitude. "Money is no longer a determining factor in my life," he says. "It is merely an element that helps me spend time with family and friends, and pursue my dreams."

The drive Eduardo witnesses within his team, and the entire USANA family, is contagious, and he believes this company isn't going to fade into history-it is going to make history. "As USANA business owners," Eduardo says, "we can transform the world."

Kung Bing Feng


In 2007, Kung Bing Feng was satisfied with how his life was going. He'd been working his USANA business, alongside his late mother, for five years, and was a member of the Asia Pacific Growth 25. Even though they were building their business at a comfortable pace, Feng didn't realize how quickly it would take off to unimaginable levels. "I never thought I would have the amazing, satisfying life I have now," he says.

Even after all his success, Feng isn't done yet. Now partnered with his sister, Kung Ching Chun, they believe more lives need to be changed. "I've been going from thinking small and dreaming small to thinking big and living courageously," Feng says. "It's exciting to know that while we're enjoying time relaxing every moment, people all around the world are sharing this life-enhancing opportunity with others. The best part is, we feel like we're just getting started!"

Zhang Baowen and Sheng Weiping

BabyCare, Ltd.

As a colonel in the Chinese Armed Forces, Zhang Baowen possessed a certain talent for making a name for himself. He became a decorated soldier with tremendous influence over his peers. But after serving his country for nearly 30 years, he retired and found himself struggling as he adjusted to civilian life. "I felt lost and depressed after my retirement," David says. "I felt as if I didn't have a purpose in life, and I lost my sense of direction."

Then, in April of 2006, after being touched by the vision of Dr. Wentz and impressed by the quality of USANA's products, David decided to give the business a try. He started simple, introducing the products to a few friends and waiting for their feedback. He wasn't disappointed.

Now, after years of struggle, worry, and defeat, David is a member of the Million Dollar Club and earned a spot on the Fortune 25 in 2014. He spends more time with his family, he doesn't stress over his bills, and he is finally enjoying his life.

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