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True Health - It's Essential

Your personal nutrition plan starts with a simple system of supplements. Together, Mega Antioxidant and Chelated Mineral comprise the USANA Essentials for adult. This duo delivers a broad range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant to support the health of your entire body from the cell up.
  • USANA Essentials set (224 Tablets): Php 3,700 - MultiVitamin with Mega AntiOxidant (112 Tablets) and Chelated Minerals (112 Tablets). - Provides a wide array of vitamins and minerals as well as trace minerals, mixed caretenoids and bioflavanoids that are carefully balanced for optimal nutritional support.
  • Usanimals (56 tablets): Php 1,600 (for kids) - This contains an array of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, in amounts designed especially for active, growing children. Supports healthy immune function with vitamins A, C, E, and zinc. Includes vitamins B6, B12, folate, and choline for healthy brain function. Calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D for strong bones and teeth. Includes iron, thiamin, and B12 for energy. Easy-to-eat chewables stamped with fun animal shapes. - uses all natural sweeteners.

Cardiovascular System

The cardiovascular system includes the heart and blood vessels. It is responsible for circulating blood, which carries nutrients, oxygen, and blood cells throughout the body.
  • Coquinone 30 (56 gelcaps): Php 3,300 - Central to robust energy production within the cell, Provides ingredients vital for cardiovascular health, sound muscle function, and healthy nerve function, A powerful antioxidant blend. CQ10 for Heart, Nerves, Circulation of the Body, Muscle Rejuvenation.
  • Proflavanol C100 (56 gelcaps): Php 2,800 - USANA’s groundbreaking bioflavonoid and advanced vitamin C supplement. Using innovative Nutritional Hybrid Technology to combine two of USANA’s most popular Nutritionals, Proflavanol® and Poly C®, Proflavanol® C100 packs the best of both worlds into a single, powerful pill. Healthy Skin and Bones, Cell Rejuvenation

Cellular Function

The fundamental molecules of life, cells have unique functions in every part of the body. Our health depends on repairing and regenerating cells to keep them functioning properly.
  • Biomega (56 gelcaps): Php 2,000 - Provides advanced and guaranteed levels of EPA and DHA, two long-chain omega-3 fatty acids important for memory and learning, Supports sound cardiovascular, immune, health and joint health, Critical for promoting healthy pregnancies and healthy babies, Plays a role in many important cellular processes critical to the body's survival. Cod/Fish Liver Oil, Brain, Bones, Nerves and Skin Health.
  • Biomega Jr  (7 packets): Php 1,300 - a fish oil supplement that supplies the important omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA in a creamy orange-pineapple flavored gel. Additionally, this supplement also provides 1000 IU of vitamin D. For those who can't swallow gel capsules.
  • Proglucamune (56 Tablets): Php 2,500 Proglucamune is specifically created for year-round comprehensive immune support. It contains zinc, which is necessary for normal immune function and normal cell division. With over 200 different viruses responsible for infecting us with a cold every year, people with a busy lifestyle want "insurance" against colds and flus and need a more effective way to stay fit and well, even when they are under stress.

Skeletal System

Bones, cartilage, and connective tissues make up the skeletal system. This important framework of the body provides us with support, allows for a wide rage of movement, and protects internal organs.
  • Active calcium  (112 tablets): Php 1,700 - Provides balanced levels of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D in truly bioavailable forms. Helps maintain strong, mineral-rich bones. Provides ingredients essential for healthy muscle function and strength
  • Procosa (84 tablets): Php 2,500 - Groundbreaking joint health supplement with glucosamine and Meriva® curcumin. Relieve painful joints.

Nervous System

Consisting of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves, the nervous system collects and processes information from inside and outside the body and sends relevant commands to the muscles and glands throughout the body.
  • Visionex (56 tablets): Php 2,700 - Advanced eye health supplement. An antioxidant formula designed to protect the delicate tissues of the eye from photo-oxidation.

Digestive System

From the mouth to the colon, the digestive system includes all the organs involved in breaking food down into forms that are useable by the body and removing waste and toxins.
  • Hepasil DTX  (84 tablets): Php Php 2,700 - Supports healthy normal detoxification processes in the liver.
  • USANA Probiotic (14 packets) Php 2,300 - Supports healthy digestion. Modulates the body’s natural immune response

Endocrine System

The endocrine system is a group of glands that regulates body processes by producing hormones, the chemical messengers in the body. These hormones affect various glands in the body.
  • Pure Rest (56 tablets): Php 1,400 - Fast-acting, sugar-free melatonin supplement promotes the body’s natural sleep and wake cycles. Get A Good Sleep without sleeping pills. Fight Insomnia.
  • Palmetto Plus (30 gelcaps) Php 2,300 - Science-based supplement for men that supports long-term prostate health.
  • PhytoEstrin (90 tablets) - Php 2,200 - Signature Optimizer to support women’s health. Can help provide relief from menopausal symptoms.

Usana Food for Healthy Weight Management

All of the USANA Foods is guaranteed to be low glycemic. These release energy slowly and do not cause drastic blod glucose spikes and crashes. Therefore, you don't feel hungry as quickly, so you don't feel an overwhelming need to eat, which may help you lose weight.
  • Nutrimeal Dutch Chocolate, Protein Drink Mix (9 servings): Php 2,250 - Dutch Chocolate shake formulated as a perfectly nutritious meal replacement
  • Nutrimeal French Vanilla, Protein Drink Mix (9 servings): Php 2,250 - French Vanilla shake formulated as a perfectly nutritious meal replacement
  • Nutrimeal Wild Strawberry, Protein Drink Mix (9 servings): Php 2,250 - Shake formulated as a perfectly nutritious meal replacement.

Sense Beautiful Science

Sense beautiful science is a complete face and body care collection without added chemical preservatives. Its patented Self-Preserving Technology combines purifying botanicals in protective liquid crystals, so each product stays fresh naturally. Skin looks younger and healthier.
  • Daytime Protective Emulsion w/ SPF 15: Php 2,400 - Nourish your skin with this protective moisturizer, now with SPF 15 broad spectrum on the label.
  • Night Renewal Crème: Php 2,000 - Hydrates, Restores, Nutrient rich, Formulated with Regenisomes™ and DSR™ technology
  • Sense Gentle Daily Cleanser: Php 1,500 - Soap free, Hydrating, Gently cleanses skin, Unique self-preserving formula with no added chemical preservatives nurtures your skin.
  • Sense Hydrating Toner: Php 1,500 - Hydrating Toner helps remove lingering impurities not eliminated by routine cleansing. It works to balance the skin's pH and purify the skin in preparation for moisturizers.
  • Perfecting Essence: Php 2,600 - Dramatically reduces the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, Tones, Evens complexion, Soothes, Ideal for sensitive skin, Formulated with DSR™ technology.

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